We are a multidisciplinary team that believes in the freedom to trade and in the capacity of humans to develop their activities in a horizontal way, respecting the rules, with activities that are sometimes installed and sometimes temporary.

We believe that some people, having for example a fruit tree in their garden, can share the harvest through this site. Others, having a know-how, whatever it is, can propose their services. Just as established businesses can be offered through this site.

We want this information to be accessible, in a horizontal way, to the largest number of people.

Our idea is to provide this platform to facilitate trade without intermediaries, without capturing non-essential personal information, even facilitating direct contact so that parts of the transaction are carried out freely outside the device.

For all those who wish to develop their activity(ies), we make this platform available, we take care of its launch and we will imagine in proximity and in exchange, with the participating pioneers, the different economic models to keep the essence of this concept, while allowing its improvement and its maintenance.

We are present in 5 European countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, Asia and Africa. We cooperate with each other in full confidence because we all know each other for a long time.

If necessary, one day, we could make the sources available in free mode, so that others can develop competing platforms and thus guarantee the continuity of the philosophy of this solution.

Maybe this platform will inspire other independent companies to copy, imitate, do better, to continue to offer this device, because we believe in everyone's creativity, ours and yours.

The WeJoinLife project is developed in alpha mode, all contributions are welcome.

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